PADEL EXPERT part of IKN GLOBAL GROUP, as the name indicates expert in making padel courts that manages the whole process of production, storage, logistics and installation to ensure the best quality of your paddle tennis courts with total guarantee.

Complete Padel Solution from the trusted company IKN Global Group, Quality You Can Afford!

We provide Turnkey Services from the base preparation, High-Quality Padel Grass Supply and Installations.

Our Premium Quality Padel Structure includes;

Well known for high-quality Padel Structure maker. Our Frames are Chemically Treated, Galvanized and Powder Coated Finish for Rust Protection (For Indoor and Outdoor) and Durability. Double Layer Structure system Panoramic Frame & Corner with Tempered Guardian Glass and Padel Lights.

Thanks to our Experts with over a decade’s experience in the industry can provide expert advice on flooring and Padel Structure.